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Indonesian migrants claim victory over SE 2258


Press release
23 February 2008

For reference Eni Lestari
Spokesperson, Phone: [852] 96081475

Indonesian migrant claim victory over SE2258
Vow to pursue fight vs overcharging, illegal salary deduction and lack of services

"Our unity and militant actions forced the Indonesian Consulate in Hong Kong to withdraw the blatantly anti-migrant ban on transfer of agencies. We vow to continue our fight against greater problems of overcharging, illegal salary deduction, and insufficient services of Indonesian government."

This was declared by Eni Lestari, spokesperson of the United Indonesians against Overcharging (PILAR) and chairperson of the Asosiasi Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (ATKI-HK), before Indonesian migrant workers who rallied in front of Indonesian Consulate last Sunday, February 17, against Circular Letter 2258. The protest action was organized by PILAR, ATKI and the Indonesian Migrant Muslim Alliance (GAMMI).

Since January 13 this year, PILAR, GAMMI and ATKI where at the forefront of picket actions and protest programs against the rule that prohibited IMWs who have worked for less than two years in Hong Kong to change agencies.

While hundreds of Indonesian domestic workers rallied, representatives of the organizers were invited by Consul General RI, Ferry Adamhar for a dialogue where the he announced the scrapping of Circular Letter 2258.

On 10 February 2008, PILAR and GAMMI organized public forum to scrap SE 2258 attended by thousands of Indonesian migrant workers. The forum was followed by 2,000 strong rally at the Consulate.

"It was the first time in our history that thousands of Indonesian migrant workers in Hong Kong joined the rally and it proved that IMWs are becoming more aware of issues of migrant workers. The Indonesian migrant workers movement is indeed stronger," Lestari remarked.

After thousands of IMWs surrounded Indonesian Consulate last 10 February, representatives of the Indonesian Consulate sought the officers of PILAR on 14 February and informed the group that the policy will be scrapped.

"This experience has affirmed our belief to continue our united efforts. It is a victory for every Indonesian migrant who faces abuses and exploitation from unscrupulous recruitment agencies," she relayed.

The formal announcement of the policy's scrapping was released by the Consulate last 23 February.

"This couldn't have been possible without the determination of Indonesian migrants and our organized efforts to push through with our demands. We also account this victory to the support the migrant workers of other nationalities in Hong Kong, institutions that provide services to migrant workers, and our advocates and families in Indonesia who also stood with us on this campaign," she declared.

Lestari said that bigger campaigns are planned by the groups in the coming months.

"We will never stop. Our rights and welfare are at stake and we shall not standby while these are violated and neglected," she concluded.#

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