Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Report released

The ILC committee on Domestic Workers has released their draft report on the 14th June - available from ILC website
The summary being: Having in particular approved as general conclusions, with a view to the consultation of Governments, proposals for a comprehensive standard (a Convention supplemented by a Recommendation) concerning decent work for domestic workers, [the committee decided] that an item entitled “Decent work for domestic workers” shall be included in the agenda of its next ordinary session [of the ILC] for second discussion with a view to the adoption of a comprehensive standard (a Convention supplemented by a Recommendation).

Monday, 7 June 2010

1st battle Won! A DW Convention supplemented by recommendation

Tripartite battles update:

One of the governments put in an amendment to the text to have a recommendation instead of a Convention supplemented by a Recommendation.
Other governments supporting this weak position. Among their reasons for objection is that it’s hard to inspect.

Some governments felt that DWs lacked strong affirmation of their rights, they experience more exclusion of laws rather than coverage of the law. If there’s no Convention, there will be no ratification. Monitoring of Occupation safety and health, can be complaint driven too not necessary involve inspection to homes.

In the end, the Committee decide to go for a voting.

Brazil government request for 15 minutes additional time as some governments are not present to vote. Proposal Supported by workers, opposed by Employers.

Another motion to go for a vote on Brazil’s proposal for additional time. During the voting session, each country’s name is called and they vote through shouting their vote YES/NO. For workers and employer delegation, names of the delegates will be called, that’s why if someone walk out for a few minutes, they might miss their chance to vote.

In the end, the motion for a delay for governments to find more of their members to join the voting won with a simple majority.
Finally, the vote to support/ oppose the proposal for Recommendation- WE WON, majority governments and trade union vote against the proposal, which means the original text for A Convention Supplemented by Recommendation ACCEPTED!

But we should not be overjoyed, because governments, trade unions and employers will have a final secret ballot towards the end of the ILC, UNTIL then, some governments might change their mind!

Update by Vivian (CARAM - Asia)

Advance Domestic Worker Rights!

UFDWR would like to thank all the organisations that recently endorsed the 'Advance Domestic Worker Rights' statement and recommendations. We received over 100 endorsements. A handout which folds out into this poster on the back was printed containing the information and will be distributed at the ILC and other future events.

If you would like copies to distribute at your domestic worker event please contact APWLD at apwld@apwld.org

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Saya Migran Comics

Saya Migran is a domestic worker's guide to understanding and asserting our rights. Saya Migran personifies the campaign for the recognition of domestic work as work. This comics is a project to raise awareness and educate every migrant worker on the various rights of our sector. Published by network members of the United for Foreign Domestic Workers Rights. Click here to download the comic.