Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Sri Lankan minister tackles issues of domestic workers http://www.arabtime client/pagesdeta ils.asp?nid= 13788&ccid=9 Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Jamal Al-Shehab and the Sri Lankan Minister of Labor Kahlia Rambo Kuela on Friday held bilateral talks in Kuwait. Issues discussed at the meetings centered on the welfare of Sri Lankan domestic workers in Kuwait. Rambo Kuela told the press after the two authorities has reached agreement to increase the minimum wage of Sri Lankan domestic workers from KD 40 to 50 with effect from January 2008, and after six months to increase it further to KD 60. He added that the agreement would strengthen the cordial relationship between the two countries. Al-Shehab promised to address problems of Sri Lankan laborers in Kuwait, adding that there are 100,000 Sri Lankan workers out of the 1.5 million expatriates in the country. Those present at the meeting were the Sri Lankan ambassador to Kuwait Sayed Abdul Qader Muhammad Zuhaili and other officials from both countries. By Shawki MahmoudSpecial to the Arab Times

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