Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Commemoration of Flor Contemplacion’s Death

The International Migrant Alliance (IMA), an alliance of 112 progressive grassroot migrant workers’ organizations from all over the world, stands with Migrante International in commemorating the death of Flor Contemplation, an OFW who was hanged 14 years ago by Singapore Government. IMA honors Flor Contemplation and migrants from other countries who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their families’ survival and in the process, faced death abroad. IMA strongly condemns the failure of the Philippine Government and other sending governments, in saving the lives of their own people and in protecting their rights, welfare and access to justice.
Today, the death of Flor Contemplation symbolizes, for millions of Filipino migrant workers and those from other countries, the cruelty of Labour Export Program implemented by Filipino government and other sending countries, that follow agendas of neoliberal globalization that exchange remittances for the lives of migrant workers.
In the name of development, imperialist countries have established the GFMD to legitimize forced migration and intensify exploitation of migrant workers further in order to import as much cheap labor as they require without the attendant accountability to protect their rights as workers and human beings.
With the on going financial crisis, sending and receiving governments have created more reasons to exploit migrant workers to cover up the failure of neo liberal globalization. Many sending governments have declared their plan in increasing the number of export of migrants starting 2009 while receiving government through GFMD has expressed their needs of importing more migrant workers for the temporary, flexible and cheap labor migrants provide to monopolists.
Definitely more lives of migrant workers will be sacrificed by the imperialist countries and countless more will die due to the neglect of sending governments.
While Flor’s death continues to symbolize the condition that migrants face, the IMA also takes note of the fact that the tragedy that befell her has also triggered a surge of the progressive movement of overseas Filipinos at Flor’s death showed to the Filipinos and the international community the real face of the LEP of the Philippine government.
On this day, we are lamenting the tragic death of Flor. We decry the prevailing condition that makes Filipino migrants vulnerable to abuses and exploitation.
However, let this day also inspire us to pursue our actions for the rights and wellbeing of migrant workers.
Let there be no more Flor. Such will only happen in a society that is free from imperialist hold, truly democratic, just, peaceful and genuinely serves the interest of the people and not of the oppressors.
Long live international solidarity!

Eni Lestari
IMA Chairperson

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