Thursday, 5 May 2011

Taiwan - Indonesian agreement on domestic workers

The National Agency for the Placement and Protection of Overseas Labor (BNP2TKI), the Indonesian Trade and Economy Office (KDEI) in Taiwan and the Taiwan Economic Trade Office (TETO) have signed an agreement to increase protection for Indonesian migrant workers in the country.

BNP2TKI director for preparation and departures Arifin Purba said Saturday that Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan were the biggest population of migrant workers in the country, with 161,000 workers. Most of the workers work as domestic helpers or old people helpers.

“As Indonesia has the biggest number of overseas workers in Taiwan, the Taiwanese government through the TETO has agreed to give more protection to our workers,” he said as quoted by

Under the agreement, which was reached during the annual meeting of the KDEI with the TETO in Taiwan last Friday, the Taiwanese government will ensure workers' right including monthly salary, insurance, and overtime pay.

The better protection for Indonesian workers is expected to lower the number of workers with problems. The KDEI reported that 11,180 workers faced deportation due to a range of problems.

Demand for Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan, Arifin said, has grown bigger from year to year. “Especially as caregivers,” he said. Under the agreement, the Indonesian government agrees to raise the quality of workers in Taiwan.

“We will try to provide better training for future workers to increase their quality,” he said. The board also would provide language training and increase the health' quality of the workers.

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Shawn @SIDONIEYANG said...

It's good news that the two countries are working together for a mutual interest. Many Taiwanese families need the help, and many Indonesian families depend on foreign remittances