Thursday, 14 July 2011

High hopes for a new migrant domestic worker training center

An independent training center for migrant domestic workers has just opened in Lebanon. The difference with this center is not only is it in a destination country and unconnected to a recruitment or employment agency, but it seems to a better approach to training. Not only will the women learn how to clean and use household equipment, but also about safety and their rights.

"which permit them one day of rest each week and restrict working hours to 10 hours a day, while following up all course attendees for three months to ensure they are doing well in their new post."

The center will also will provide translators and booklets made by civil society group Caritas, which act as a multilingual household manual for domestic helpers. The best initiative of the center is also that the team hired to train incoming workers will also consist of former domestic helpers who not only speak the same language as, but have also encountered the same challenges as the new recruits.

“I’m very excited to help the new girls and to teach them about all the different things they will have to do,” said Tala, an Ethiopian maid working in Lebanon for four years who will administer the training.

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