Thursday, 19 January 2012

New Publications!

Mobilise Guide- Action and Organising with Mobile Phones
Produced by APWLD with assistance from members of United for Foreign Domestic Workers (UFDWR), this introductory guidebook can be a powerful tool for domestic workers’ organisations and domestic worker advocates to take steps to organise workers and themselves with the resources they already have on hand- mobile phones! Women domestic workers have the right to make their voices heard and use law as an instrument of change. Women’s human rights are legally protected internationally, yet organising and communicating with workers to ensure labour rights are shared and enforced can seem like a difficult task. The guide provides key terminology, instructions and even programmes to start mobile campaigns. Mobilise is geared to both domestic workers and advocacy organisations supporting them.
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The New Slave in the Kitchen: Debt Bondage and Women Migrant Domestic Workers

This new report from APWLD is a result of research concerning the theory that the vulnerability of women migrant domestic workers is caused by - and a lot of the abuse and violations occur - because women are forced to go into debt to recruitment agencies in order to migrate for work, and they are required to pay off that debt with their labour.

This report outlines the concept of debt bondage and show how the situation of women migrant domestic workers commonly leads into debt bondage and slave like conditions. It shows how situations of debt bondage causes violations of workers human rights and wider effects on the family and country of origin, and how debt bondage relates to trafficking, smuggling and prostitution. The final section discusses how governments and other institutions are dealing or not dealing with debt bondage, and how things could be changed.

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