Thursday, 31 May 2012

Another country bans travel of domestic workers

Nepal to ban travel of maids to Arabian Gulf states
30 Mayıs, 2012 | 12:04

Nepal has banned the travel of housemaids to Saudi Arabia and other Arabian Gulf countries but could cancel the decision after an agreement on domestic worker’s rights is signed with the regional states.
The ban decision affects only female domestic workers and it follows reports about mistreatment and other abuses of Asian maids by their Arabian employers in the Gulf states, according to a report in the Saudi Arabic language daily Alriyadh.
Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Bangladesh, Abdullah Al Basiri, is cited as saying that citizens from the Gulf Kingdom should stop trying to recruit Nepalese maids through private hiring offices.

‘Nepal now does not allow maids to travel to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries,’ expressed Basiri, also Saudi non-resident ambassador to Nepal.
The travel ban could be lifted once an agreement is signed between Nepal and Saudi Arabia on the hiring of housemaids, it is advised that Saudis would not go to hiring offices because the ban is still in force.’

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