Friday, 22 April 2011

Indonesian Government wants to stop sending domestic workers overseas, but the MOU may soon be signed

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, hopes that no more Indonesians would be employed as domestic helpers overseas in the future. There is a master plan aimed at accelerating and expanding economic development until 2025, but it is clear that more well paying jobs will have to be created in Indonesian before women will stop wanting to go overseas to work. If suitable jobs are not created before the avenues for 'low skilled' migration are restricted, then this may lead to an increase in smuggling and trafficking, meaning more dangers for Indonesian women who want to earn a living and care for their families.

Also in the news, once again there are reports that Indonesia and Malaysia will sign the long awaited MOU next month, reopening Malaysia for Indonesian domestic workers once again. There has been agreement on the four issues that were holding up the finalisation of the MOU, namely the one-day off a week, handling of the maid's passport according to the immigration law, the costs charged by the recruiting agents and the issue of 'runaways'. It is yet unclear whether these issues have been resolved in the domestic workers favour or not. If the MOU does not respect the rights of migrant domestic workers then it would be better at this stage to continue discussions, as the growing waiting list of Malaysians wanting a domestic worker may put pressure on the Malaysian government to accept Indonesia's terms.

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UFDWR said...

Again this month, in May, they are saying that the MOU will be signed, but we are still waiting to see the agreed upon conditions.