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Press release: migrant domestic workers right to abode in HK

Press Statement
30 September 2011

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Right the wrong against FDWs

Implement the court’s ruling on the right of abode

With the positive ruling of the court on the judicial review on the right of abode for foreign domestic workers (FDWs) in Hong Kong, we hope that the decades-long injustice shall immediately be corrected.

The court’s ruling has affirmed the stand of FDW groups that discrimination indeed exists in Hong Kong. We commend the FDWs who have taken up the cudgels of the judicial review and the organizations who have expressed support to the fight.

We call on the Hong Kong government to immediately set up the mechanisms required to uphold the court’s ruling. Any delaying tactic only worsens the injustice already done to FDWs and will show that it is the government itself that lets discrimination prevail in Hong Kong.

More importantly, we call on the government and the self-serving politicians to not use the court ruling to drum up more hate against migrants among the public. Sobriety and respect for the court’s decision should be made to rule.

We were gravely disappointed with the lack of action of the government to quell the tide of anti-migrant sentiments that swelled when the news of the judicial review hit the headlines. We were even more astounded when government officials themselves and some politicians were the ones who spewed out false and exaggerated scenarios of doom to influence public opinion against granting the right of abode to FDWs.

This should stop and it is incumbent for the HK government to take steps to prevent escalation of anti-migrants ideas.

The right of abode issue is one battle won in the war against discriminatory policies in Hong Kong.

There still exist the New Conditions of Stay, the exclusion from the statutory minimum wage, the mandatory live-in employment arrangement and a host of other policies that show that FDWs are treated not the same as all the other workers in Hong Kong.

We are grateful for the local groups and individuals who stood firmly with the FDWs. We look forward to more local groups and individuals coming out to support FDWs in our fight against anti-migrant and discriminatory policies in Hong Kong.

We shall continue to fight until just treatment for all migrant workers in Hong Kong is achieved.#

The Asian Migrants' Coordinating Body (AMCB), founded in 1996, is the biggest and longest-running alliance of foreign domestic workers associations and unions fighting for foreign domestic workers rights and welfare in the Hong Kong SAR. It is a founding member of the International Migrants Alliance (IMA).

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