Thursday, 6 October 2011

Update on migrant domestic workers right to abode in HK

High Court’s ruling on right of abode for FDWs is a positive step for better treatment of migrants

Press Statement

Source Verification: Norman Carnay – Program Officer MFMW []


As an NGO advocating for migrant workers in Hong Kong, the Mission for Migrant Workers (MFMW) welcomes the positive decision of the High Court on the petition for a judicial review of the Immigration Department’s denial of right of abode for foreign domestic workers who have worked in Hong Kong for seven or more years.

This decision is a positive step towards the promotion of better treatment for foreign domestic workers who have been integral to Hong Kong’s development. We hope that this decision will jumpstart the reevaluation of other policies and practices in Hong Kong that marginalize the FDWs.

The Hong Kong government should not also use the High Court’s decision to create policies – such as putting a cap on the number of contracts for FDWs – that will negate the positive step towards the full recognition of FDWs as part of the people of Hong Kong.

We call for the Hong Kong public to take this decision as beneficial to the whole society. We hope that the negative sentiments against migrants due mainly to the doomsday scenarios painted if FDWs are granted the right of abode will not be resurrected and fanned.

We appreciate also the support of many local organizations and individuals who have served as the voices of reason amidst the hysteria that some narrow-minded politicians hoped to create.

The advocacy for equality and genuine multiculturalism is still long. The High Court's ruling has paved the way for Hong Kong to move one step further towards a society that genuinely respects and upholds the rights of everyone.

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